This is a non-foldable box. Plastic double-cover containers are often used to transport goods that are exposed to dusty environments outside the factory, or to contain products with high requirements for dust protection.

Advantage More designs than folding boxes

The load capacity is greater than that of a folding box because many strengthening options can be used

Can run on conveyor belts in production lines

Dimensions Length x Width x Height upon request
Color As required
Thickness As required
Quantification of plastic As required
Barrel body grafting method Riveting/Pinning/Heat Welding
Closing method Abrasive stick
The back of the cover Tarpaulin/Adhesive tape
Handle May be yes or no:
+ Handle type: solid handle or flower handle.
+ Color: White or Black.
Fixed angle Black and white
Fix the corner to the body of the box Screw/Rivet shooting
Splint Black and white
Stamp bag Clear PVC material
Printing As required

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